How Communities Can Take Advantage of Concrete

Volunteers in South Philadelphia worked for a few hours to float more than 20 yards of concrete to clear out a baseball field and the surrounding area. The Cape baseball crew utilized rakes and improvisation to get the job done. You find a lot of small town sports teams in communities like this working together to fix up ball fields, sports complexes and more. Let’s look at how volunteers can work together to utilize concrete.

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials, especially in communities such as South Philly. It’s cheap to use, can be laid by anyone, and can be removed or repaired in most cases without hiring a contractor. While it may be hard work, take some trial and error, and require the help of a handful of people, concrete projects can be tackled by a group determined to do it themselves.

When communities join together to take on projects, such as fixing up a ball park for kids to play softball, baseball and other sports in, this benefits the entire neighborhood. It gives children a safe place to play, offers them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and can give them experiences that last a last time. With concrete, you can build facilities, add sidewalks and do more to the surrounding area.

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