How Broken Concrete Can Be Reused

Doug EnrightAugust 5, 2014

As the world gets greener and we look towards ways to reuse things we utilize every day, concrete is the latest building material to be reused and repurposed for art. Broken concrete which you’ll often find on sidewalks, in pools and elsewhere, can be reused in a variety of art projects ranging from the abstract to more traditional. While most broken concrete can be reused for building, too, let’s look at the different ways it can be used for art.

Many contractors and companies throw away or bring broken concrete to the dump. From there, it gets buried in landfills and goes to waste. Artists will often visit construction sites and ask ahead of time if they can either buy or take broken concrete for projects. For the most part, companies are glad to have someone else get rid of concrete on their behalf as it keeps them from having to deal with disposing it.

Broken concrete can be used to teach kids about art, too. By using broken concrete instead of more traditional art supplies, kids can learn how to think outside the box and be creative with what they have. This can bring out the imagination in every child and it can all start with concrete.

Other art projects can be utilized with broken concrete, including:

  • Building loops
  • Making walkways
  • Forming columns

Broken concrete can make each of the above everyday projects into a work of art, creating a unique piece of art that can be displayed and used at home or the office. When you mix broken concrete with colors, paint and other decoration, you can truly repurpose something that would’ve been thrown away anyway into something worth saving.

If you’re looking for a unique way to create art, think about repurposing broken concrete. You’ll find it everywhere, it’s just getting throw out anyway, and you never know what type of awesome creativity can come from working with something you’re not used to working with. Broken concrete can make an exciting art project even that much more fun, adventurous and daring. Look towards broken concrete for your next art project.

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