Crack Seal & Seal Coating From Enright
If the existing asphalt is in good shape and only needs maintenance we would recommend crack sealing and seal coating. Other than cosmetic improvement, pavement that exhibits extensive cracking, base failure, or severe surface raveling will not significantly benefit from seal coating. However, it does extend the life of the asphalt by protecting it from water and sunlight. Seal coating brings new life into the asphalt and leaves it with a jet-black finish. Industry experts recommend that pavement should be seal coated every 2-3 years to reduce long-term maintenance costs.
In the process of seal coating, we first clean out the cracks and the area with forced air. Then we fill the cracks with hot rubber and apply the seal coat. We use a squeegee to apply the seal coat on the edges and spray the rest for a clean finish. (We use additive and sand in our mix designs). Our crack sealer usually sets up within a few minutes and is then safe to walk or drive over; normal curing time for seal coating is 24 hours for moderate temperature and humidity conditions.

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