Couple Duped By Shoddy Asphalt Paving Job

Doug EnrightAugust 14, 2014

Unfortunately, being duped by contractors is an everyday occurrence. Whether it’s a matter of billing, material costs or something else, contractors have made a bad name for themselves over the years. Not all contractors are the same and many strive to put that reputation behind the industry itself. One couple recently lost out on over $6,000 in contractor costs over an asphalt paving scam.

The couple, Marv and Dorothy Davenport, were duped by a traveling asphalt salesmen, which are becoming all the more common across the United States. Someone might be out and about, on their own property, where asphalt needs to be repaved but hasn’t been. This happens on many side streets and neighborhoods off the beaten path in Anytown USA.

While on their property, a truck pulled up with an asphalt contractor pulled up and asked if they wanted a great deal on unused asphalt, they’d be able to pave their property for a cheaper price. The Davenports agreed to a $2000 charge for the job and eventually were billed for over $6000 worth of work after the contractors did much more than they said they’d do without consulting them beforehand.

Not only did the end up handing over $6000 to the shoddy company, the job they did will eventually need to be redone because of what horrible work they did. The Davenports wanted to alert the media, and others, who might be duped by the same company or others that are pulling the same sort of scam on unsuspecting consumers.

Before you agree to any asphalt job, you need to consult with the company and sign a contract. Make sure that all the terms are agreed on ahead of time, along with the price of the overall job. If you feel like you’re being duped or something isn’t being done properly, you’re probably right. Reach out to other asphalt companies and get similar quotes to find out if you’re being duped or not before signing on the dotted line.

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