How to Design Concrete Steps

creative concrete design

It’s amazing the things you can do with concrete. When you think of concrete, you probably think of boring. Boring things like driveways, sidewalks and highways. Did you know you can do more with concrete than you can think? With the use of concrete stamps, concrete molds and more, you can get creative and create a truly unique concrete experience. Here’s some tips for designing creative concrete steps.

Step Concrete Design and What You Need to Know

When you take on concrete steps, you’re probably visualizing boring steps like you see at sporting events and transit centers. However, with a little planning, you can use concrete molds and stamps to make those steps more unique. While you want to ensure that where you plant your feet is flat for grip and traction, you can use other areas of the concrete steps to get creative.

If concrete stamps and molds aren’t to your liking, you can potentially create your own design in areas of the concrete that aren’t directly walked on. As long as you don’t obstruct or dig in too deep, you can do a variety of designs, words and more on concrete. These concrete steps can make or break a design, especially in a residential world where you can get more creative than in a more professional environment.

Whether you’re adding a few concrete steps or something larger, think outside the box the next time you lay concrete. You can do more with it than you know. If you’re not a creative type, and what to be creative, get in touch with a concrete contractor and have them help you get the most out of your concrete staircase. You’ll be blown away by what can be done with concrete and how you can get more out of it, even with a few steps on your property.

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