Concrete Magnet James Clark Dies at 87

A James Clark, of Clark Enterprises, has passed away at 87. Clark built one of the largest conglomerates of concrete building in the country. He died at his home in Easton, Maryland on March 20, 2015 after losing battle to congestive heart failure. He leaves behind some of the biggest concrete construction projects in American history, including FedEx Field, the Verizon Center and Nationals Park.

Clark focused on all things concrete, specifically in the construction, real estate and venture capital areas. He started as a civil engineer working his way up the ranks and half a century built one of the biggest concrete empires in the country. His hard work, tenacity and aptitude for change allowed him to see the future through concrete and thanks to his business savvy, he was able to invest and grow even when the markets fluctuated and construction rose and fall.

Clark Enterprises has built everything from football stadiums to power plants to hotels and everything in between. His name and his business can be seen on projects spanning both coasts which is why Forbes Magazine often called him the King of Concrete. Clark was focused on helping to build out the Washington-area Metro system, building 17 stations in the area over the last quarter century.

Clark donated to the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University but rarely made this public knowledge. He was fiercely private and enjoyed avoiding interviews, which is one of the reasons you may be aware of what Clark Enterprises is but not the man behind it.

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