The Beauty of Concrete Lighthouses

Doug EnrightJanuary 23, 2015

Lighthouses are a fixture on any coast and waterways across the world. Lighthouses are meant to cut through the fog and bad weather to ensure the safety of boaters on water with low visibility. Many lighthouses are made out of concrete, more because of history than anything else. Let’s look at the beauty of concrete lighthouses.

More About Concrete Lighthouses

Concrete lighthouses are one of the most beautiful sites you’ll see. Chances are you’ve come across a lighthouse at some point in your life. You may not realize what it is or what it does; in fact, it may not be in use as much anymore. With GPS and satellite technology, lighthouses have become outdated in many cases. However, some cities, especially small seaside towns are keeping their lighthouses in use to preserve the history behind them.

Lighthouses were built if concrete during a time when concrete was one of the readily, and easily, available sources of building. Concrete can stand up to the punishment of being near the sea, including waves, winds and mist. This means that the lighthouse can stand for decades, if not centuries, so long as the concrete is maintained. Back then, concrete was maintained much better in lighthouses than it is today. That’s why you see so many lighthouses falling to the wayside.

Concrete lighthouses aren’t as necessary as they once were. With technological developments in GPS, how ships sail the seas, and radar, many ships can successfully navigate shallow waters close to the shoreline without the aid of a lighthouse. However, for some communities, keeping a lighthouse lit is tradition and part of a community’s heritage.

If you’ve never seen a concrete lighthouse before, we recommend seeing one on a trip that takes you close to the shore. You won’t be disappointed. There are sightseeing tours across the nation that give you access to some of the most beautiful lighthouses in a particular area. If you’re interested in the history of lighthouses, these tours are the way to go.

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