Concrete in Photography

Doug EnrightJanuary 21, 2015

Photography is something that almost everyone dabbles in over a lifetime. Whether it’s with an old, disposable point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone, people love taking pictures. Smartphones in particular have changed the way we see the world and what we can do with the pictures we take. Concrete in photography has been a popular subject for over a century. The things that can be done with concrete – whether you realize it or not – is something people want to capture for memories that last a life time.

Concrete in Photography Shows History

For the most part, concrete hasn’t changed much over the last century. While many processes have changed with how we make it, concrete itself is still one of the most fundamental ways we build and develop everything from foundations to sidewalks to roads. Concrete is something you interact with every day, whether you take the time to smell the roses or not.

Many people across the globe snap pictures and showcase concrete in photography every day. Whether they find cracks in a sidewalk or driveway, find a beautiful concrete structure or are documenting progress at a construction site, you’d be surprised by how many people enjoy the subtle beauty concrete brings out in life.

If you’ve ever watched a building project take place from start to finish, you know it starts with concrete. As many companies take to social media to showcase their business and how it showcases the world around us, concrete plays a part in most building projects and companies. This all starts with a concrete foundation. Pictures can capture concrete in photography this way, and once shared on social media, blogs and web sites, you can quickly build out a history of concrete in photography that will not only showcase what a business can do with concrete but also the history of a building.

Chances are you’ve taken a picture of concrete in your lifetime. You may not always realize it, and you may not always realize why you took it, but concrete can create a beautiful look at life you may not consider when snapping the picture to begin with.

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