Concrete Homes Are a Blast From the Past

Concrete homes

Concrete homes were once a popular way to build all sorts of homes, apartment buildings and more. While many industrial buildings still rely on concrete in one way or another, homes often only rely on concrete for foundations, driveways and walkways. There’s still some architects around the world using concrete to build homes and working with local communities to preserve these types of homes.

Concrete homes and houses designed by Swedish architect Leonie Geisendor have been getting attention in the news recently. Geisendorf utilized concrete and Scandinavian design to bring togetherr some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Many of these 1970s concrete homes offer park-life gardens, grandiose walkways and open spaces.

The 2,228 square foot concrete home is on the market currently for $3.3 million. Some in the area created a Kickstarter to buy the Villa Delin as it’s known. Once bought, they plan to donate it to the local community to preserve the beautiful concrete home. This is one way Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites are looking to give back to local communities who may not be able to invest in such a property, even for historical preservation.

Kickstarter, along with GoFundMe, and other crowd funding web sites are working together with communities to encourage projects like this. Community outreach is important and part of the reason crowd funding became as popular as it is today. By using these programs and reaching out online, more concrete homes and projects that are in danger of being lost to historical archives can be preserved.

Concrete homes may not be the norm but they were once one of the most beautiful ways to build a home. If you’re looking for something to preserve, especially in small towns and areas across the world, these homes are something everyone should fight for.

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