What Type of Concrete Finishing Do You Need?

Concrete finishing

Concrete is all about what you do with it before, during and after installing it on your property. Whether you’re laying a new concrete floor, replacing a driveway or installing countertops, there’s a different way to finish each project. A concrete finisher is someone who works with concrete, but it can also refer to the last step in wrapping up a concrete project. Let’s look at what type of concrete finishing you may need on various home projects.

Types of Concrete Finishing

Different projects will require different types of finishing or none at all. A driveway for example, often gets no finishing touches because of the wear and tear it entails. Countertops will more often than not come pre-finished, so you don’t have to worry about damage or staining the top as it’s installed. Floors are installed unfinished with the homeowner deciding how they want to finish it, whether it be polished concrete, sealing it or leaving it unfinished.

Concrete finishing can be used on indoor and outdoor concrete projects. For example, if you create a concrete patio in your backyard that’s uncovered, you may opt to use a finishing product to help weatherproof it. While concrete can stand the test of time against weather, over time it will start to buckle and degrade and water seeps into concrete. By using a finishing agent, you can help make your patio last longer by protecting it additionally against rain and water.

Work with a concrete professional before making the decision on what type of concrete finishing you want to utilize. It really depends on what you’re doing with the concrete, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and maintaining it well into the future. Finishing can help make any type of concrete look better, last longer and require little to no maintenance.

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