Concrete Ceiling Used for Break In

Concrete ceiling used for break in

British Columbia police are investigating a break in at a computer store in Kamloops that involved thieves drilling through a concrete ceiling. While concrete break ins are considered more old school than they used to be, this break in managed to steal more than $150,000 worth of merchandise. Let’s look at this break in and how those who utilize concrete can prevent similar break ins in the future.

The computer store involved in this break in was within a mall, which is one of the reasons why the alarm system didn’t trigger. Since the thieves broke in through the ceiling, it didn’t trigger the door or other alarms the mall has installed. 38 computers and 50 iPads were stolen from the store. Simply Computing employees discovered the break in on a Saturday morning after finding concrete debris in the back storage room.

Police and investigators believe the heist was planned, as the thieves would’ve had to know where to enter the mall from the outside to avoid alarms sounding. They’d also have to have the right equipment to drill through the ceiling without making enough noise to alert anyone passing by or mall security.

Luckily, Apple’s own tracking software might be able to track down the thieves. Once the iPads are sold, then turned on and registered for the first time, Apple can then trace back where the iPads are which might lead police back to the thieves. While those who bought the iPads can’t be charged with a crime, it might just help find the thieves and recover some of the losses Simply Computing had from this astounding break in.

Simply Computing assures customers only merchandise was stolen and no personal information or credit card data was stolen in the break in.

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