Concrete Brings Out the Artwork at Oregon’s ChalkFest

Doug EnrightAugust 19, 2014

During the summer, one of a child’s favorite activities is drawing on concrete with chalk. Whether it’s the sidewalk, the street or the playground, sidewalk chalk as it’s often called, is something every kid dreams of being able to play with. Oregon’s ChalkFest brings out the child in everyone, offering the, a chance to draw their dreams, create real artwork and have fun while doing it during the summer.

Oregon’s ChalkFest took place this year on August 8th at Springfield, Oregon’s City Hall. Artists arrived, 24 in all, and utilize a 6’ by 8’ parking space as their canvas. They had six hours to create a work of art in order to win prizes, including cash. DJs, hula hoopers and other entertainment were provided to create an environment where creativity flowed free. People from all over Oregon came to see what the chalk artists came up with in their six-hour time allowance. From there, prizes were awarded based on design, skill level and other criteria.

When you think of pouring concrete, you don’t typically think of art. While used concrete can be repurposed for art projects and used to build to your heart’s content, sidewalk chalk has become part of every child’s everlasting memories. Concrete serves more of a purpose than just to walk on and drive on. While sidewalk chalk might not be the most exciting activity to take part in, you’d be surprised by how even adults get into the spirit.

Sidewalk chalk on concrete has seen a resurgence of popularity in cities across the nation. Many sidewalk artists are creating skyscapes, optical illusions and more for the entertainment of those walking from here to there. These are becoming a great way to increase the visibility of creative artists, spread the word that art is alive and well and use a surface we use every day as something more.

Have you ever drawn on the sidewalk with chalk? We’d love to see your creations or hear your favorite childhood memories of chalk art. Comment and let us know what you remember the most about drawing with chalk on concrete.

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