Cities Replacing Grass with Concrete

Alternatives to concrete sidewalks

Communities across the nation are rallying against city governments who are beginning to replace grass with concrete. One county in particular, Nassau County, New York, is fighting with city officials over the replacement of grass with concrete. The county says the work had to be completed to improve the overall look and feel of the concrete sidewalks. Let’s look at this issue and how more cities are fighting against the replacement.

Grass is more expensive to maintain in many cases that concrete and other walkways. This is one reason cities are looking to replace it with alternatives, especially in places where water shortages are in effect. Cities are trying to make the area maintain a certain look and sometimes replacing grass achieves that. In most cases, though, communities rally against cities doing this.

Why do they rally against concrete replacing grass? Because it looks horrible and replaces natural areas with constructed areas. As more cities are replacing natural areas with concrete and other forms of construction, neighborhoods want to see them retain their natural look and feel. This makes cities look more reputable and approachable, and in many cases, it gives children and families places to have picnics, parks and more.

What can you do if your city begins replacing grassy areas with concrete? Talk to your city officials. Get the neighborhood together. Offer alternatives to why they’re getting rid of the grass. Offer to pitch in if necessary to maintain it or raise funds to take care of any issues that come with it. By working with city officials instead of against them, you can truly invest in the betterment of your neighborhood and save concrete from replacing the grassy areas of your city. Concrete doesn’t have to be a bad thing and cities often find it an alternative in many ways.

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