3 Tips for Avoiding an Asphalt Scam

If you live in the Midwest, you probably noticed over the summer of 2014 that many communities experienced some form of asphalt scam. Asphalt scams are common in small neighborhoods, especially during the summer, because it’s easy to off-load reused or cheap asphalt to make a profit. It’s usually not a company doing this but an individual, which should raise red flags immediately. Here’s some tips for avoiding asphalt scams in your neck of the woods.

Avoiding an Asphalt Scam

Asphalt scammers are hoping you understand just enough about asphalt to understand its worth. They’ll dive down the street, see you need a repair, and offer to sell you asphalt out of the back of a truck for cheap. They may have a reason why, such as they had a windfall of asphalt, an overage of some sort, or it may be reclaimed asphalt from another job.

Here’s some tips for avoiding an asphalt scam:

Never, ever buy asphalt yourself. Hire a company and have them buy the materials, billing them for you after signing a contract. This is the only way to save yourself from being scammed in most cases.

If someone comes up to you claiming to want to sell asphalt for cheap, chances are it’s bad asphalt or unusable asphalt. This means that you’ve handed over money for a useless product.

Also, never let an asphalt company start work without signing on the dotted line. This protects you and it protects your investment in the asphalt job.

Avoiding an asphalt scam is easy to do if you’re paying attention, listen to your gut from the get go and you’ll avoid these scams.

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